Best Online Betting Sites in India

F you take keen interest in sport, follow it religiously and can predict the outcomes why not monetize your passion? Sport gambling is a multi-billion dollar business which is expected to reach $120 billion mark by 2022. The prevalence of sports betting and cricket betting is soaring in India. While Indians have been late entrants as sports punters due to the legal provisions that made gambling illegal in the nation, in the recent years tens of thousands of Indians have taken to sports gambling. The best sports betting sites in the world have their eyes on India’s large population of 1.3 billion. With tens of thousands of Indians connecting the betting craze every month it’s expected to become one of the largest markets in the coming years.
In Betting Top 10 India we are one of the few sites that offer betting tips and ideas for India specific audience. We enjoy being the starting point for most Indians looking to try their hands in the thrilling world of sports betting. If you are planning to get started with sports betting we provide you an ideal platform to develop into a seasoned punter. We introduce you to the best gaming websites on earth and help you realize the nitty-gritties of sports betting. From betting tips to IPL predictions and ICC World Cup predictions 2019 that help you better your chances we guide you towards a profitable gaming encounter.
The advent of sports betting has coincided with the growth of Internet access in the country. The very best online betting sites in India allow users place their stakes without having to step out of the houses and offices. It’s likely to make deposits and withdraw winning numbers at the click of a button. Our comprehensive reviews and reviews help you opt for the best online betting sites in India. We have a look at their characteristics and functionalities and let you bet on those websites without any trouble. Whether there are bonus offers on these sites we are the primary ones to notify you regarding the same.
While cricket continues to be the most popular sport in India there has been growing acceptance for Football, Formula1, kabaddi and Tennis. With Indians travelling around the globe and enhanced penetration of different sports at home by the means of broadcast the prevalence of betting on other sports can also be rising with each passing day.
Ever since its beginning, sports betting has come quite a ways. A high number of online gaming websites have come up, attempting to accommodate the rising demand of users across the world. Although India is a relatively new market for online sports betting, it will hold the potential to have a major fraction of online gaming activity in recent future.
For a novice, the absolute number of betting websites on the internet is enough to boggle his thoughts. Where BettingTop10 India steps in, this is. We cover significant international leagues such as predictions for the Big Bash 2018 — 2019.
With years of expertise in the online and real betting worlds, our specialists offer thoroughly researched, curated content which not only helps you understand the nit pieces of online sports gambling but also makes it possible to choose among the very best online betting sites in India.
In BettingTop10, we strive to maintain high standards while providing the best source for online sports gambling. Here you’ll find the top 10 gaming websites in India, the top markets and aggressive odds and the latest cricket predictions. It goes without saying that our recommended sportsbook manufacturers are dependable, dependable and 100% secure.

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