Memphis Grizzlies

It is a minor miracle Memphis avoided the bottom two areas in our ranks.
Despite having lottery talent, this team could become uncomfortably near the luxury tax next year –the last on Chandler Parsons’ onerous thing. What’s worse, this group has an outgoing first-rounder hanging over its head. While the pick owed to the Boston Celtics has top-eight security this year and top-six coverage the next, it is going to be redeemed in 2021 if it hasn’t already conveyed.
Who is to say the Grizzlies will not be dreadful in 2020-21?
However, Memphis has uncovered a franchise anchor in 19-year-old Jaren Jackson Jr., who is almost solely responsible for this ranking. The toughest task in rebuilding is adding stars, however, the Grizzlies currently seem to have found one. Jackson’s per-36-minute averages include 19.0 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.9 cubes, 1.2 triples and 1.2 steals; that’s unprecedented creation for an NBA freshman.
It might help if Jackson had more high-ceiling talent around him, but maybe Memphis could create a path to some this offseason. After sending out Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies could cut the cable on the grit-and-grind age for good with a commerce of Mike Conley, whose name bounced around plenty near the trade deadline.

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