NASCAR at Bristol: Odds, prediction, sleepers, drivers to watch for Food City 500

NASCAR is currently taking a break from the tracks over the next few weeks, and this weekend’s event heads to the half-mile place at Bristol Motor Speedway.

While the racing will soon be changing up somewhat at the moment, the storylines stay virtually the same: Kyle Busch has one of the greatest cars every week, Kevin Harvick is still looking for his first win and Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin will probably be lurking for their third victories. The past is the past, however, and Busch has all the background with seven career wins in the track with 10 5s and 15 top 10s to his name there, also. He will be searching for his third triumph and won last season’s race at the spring , however it also needs to be noted he has wrecked in Bristol, so there’s some risk here.

Hamlin and keselowski do have the exact same track record as Busch but Harvick has become the very best concerning consistency in memory. He has two wins there and has not finished outside the top 10 in his last seven races.

History says he should factor to the win, but he simply has had the car this season yet to win and that cannot be overlooked. So until Harvick proves he can get a win it’s really hard to predict him making it into victory lane.

We are going with Busch since he has factored into the closing laps in every race, gets got the auto and enjoys Bristol he has been in this season by the Cup Series on down to the Trucks.

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